Making It #73: Ron Weiner

on December 20th, 2013


Riki talks to writer Ron Weiner (Arrested Development, 30 Rock) about The Harvard Lampoon, writing on a schedule and learning from the best.


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  1. arthur says:

    when are next podcasts ready? after your hiatus you stated that there will be 10 podcasts, and then a very long break again. So far, only seven podcasts but NOTHING on either website (this one and on whether your podcast is going to return or not. Also no info on the album. As a fan I am somewhat disappointed. I know it’s hard to maintain a website with podcasts,but you could at least give your fans an update. Even if it’s only one sentence. We would greatly appreciate.

    All the best,

  2. Hey Riki, I just wanted to say that I’ve just finished a long video project and you, and especially the things you & your guests said in this podcast, were a constant inspiration. There were several times where I could have put myself in a position where someone else would have to pass judgment on the project, and I instead decided to rely on myself. I may have gone too far in that direction, and not done enough of the second advice about letting smart people help me, but in any case I don’t think it would have gotten finished without you & this podcast. Thanks!

  3. Mr.Jake says:

    Hi Riki!
    Easy question. What do you use to record your podcasts? The Pete Holmes episode I was listening to last night sounded well mixed and clear. Hope you’re very well this week.

  4. Splooge Gainsbourg says:

    The “Making It” theme is sweet and optimistic. But a more realistic theme might be “On Broadway”! Wrong coast? Nope, a famous version even made George Benson’s “Weekend in LA” album.

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